Image of SWEET MEDICINE <> organic herbal aromatherapy pouches

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SWEET MEDICINE <> organic herbal aromatherapy pouches


I bet someday technology will be able to make scented media screens but in the meantime you’ll just have to take my word that these ✨ORGANIC HERBAL SACHETS✨I’ve made are AHHHHMAZING! All organically grown or responsibly foraged (through replenishing rewilding mindful not-over-harvesting and fallen trees etc) , each pack of 3 comes with a varying color and pattern, each one different, and not always like the ones pictured, but just as beautiful. Olfactory Adornment, aromatherapy delight, pest protection and GOOD MEDICINE!Tuck in a drawer, suitcase, backpack, storage container, pillowcase or clothespin to a hanger. I like to keep one in my coat pocket to sniff when I need a little R&R grounding while I’m on the move here in the city or traveling. Lavender, white sage, pine, fir, redwood, lemon verbena, mint, rosemary, rose, chamomile, mugwort, fennel, patchouli, yarrow, lemon balm, creosote, sweetgrass! Yep! I grew it all and blended it to sniffing perfection. These are perfect gifts for you and yours 💓 get em while they last!

Each pouch is 100% hand dyed cotton and approximately 3x4 inches.

Pack of three, free USA shipping!

Thank you!