Image of <> COYOTE SKY <> hand beaded earrings

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<> COYOTE SKY <> hand beaded earrings


I’ve only a few pairs of this earring made, I found a tiny hidden stash of wild humanely harvested coyote teeth. As in, while hiking in the hills I found a Coyote that had Walked On, and after honoring it with offerings and a blessing ceremony, I collected a few fangs and cleaned and prepared them myself, this way I know exactly where they came from, and that Spirit & Creator were honored in the gift of this Medicine. I could buy them from a supplier but I don't always trust the sources nor do I have the chance to ask permission for the use of them from the Coyote Spirit, and to have the time processing and connecting and honoring. It's very important to me for many reasons, which is why I don't always have certain pieces to offer, and there are often one of a kind pieces. I also love that with these particular pairs some of the beads are from my Mother's old stash she handed down to me. I'll rarely buy new leather or bone supplies because I believe in using what's already there without high costs to the larger picture. Plus, necessity is the Mother of invention and gentle treasure hunting amongst Nature is my favorite.

These hand beaded earrings hang about 5 inches long with brass chain and cone accents and stainless steel ear wires.

Thank You!